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Restaurant and Kitchen Operations

Restaurant and Kitchen Operations

Multiple SOP workflow adoption for food ordering

Kitchen display/ Order printing

Mobile Order taking

VR table guide for quick reference

Its a tall order to expect transient waiters to remember table number and locations.

Call reservation with customer information display


Integrated Customer Relationship System

Knew your customer's preference by documenting his preferences, and accessing his loyalty records while he is dining. Surprise a regular customer with a dessert or a new dish not yet available on the menu.

Ensuring that the service level remains consistent even when the regular staff may be taking off days will help.

Self-service Kiosk /Mobile Ordering

A good workflow should be minimalistic regardless of ordering with self-service kiosk or via your personal device.

Whatsapp/ Google pay Integration

Collection/ Pending queue
Scan QR code, enter pax, trigger whatsapp.
E ordering via google wallet/ whatsapp/